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We have the power to change our future, so let's do something about it

Every day selfless volunteers and community groups are out across Mid Devon delivering important services, looking after our environment, and helping people to live happier, healthier lives. We rely on their goodwill, but they are often poorly funded. Larger groups can access grants and borrow money. Smaller groups or individuals can’t access those same funds. As a result, many good projects fail to get funded or struggle to deliver their full potential.

What if small community groups and individuals who have the ideas to make a difference in their local community could access targeted grants, guidance and support?

That is where we step forward. Everybody should feel empowered to improve their communities. One Mid Devon brings together these ideas, generous donors, and project delivery experience.

Our Mission & Purpose

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What does One Mid Devon Foundation do?

Grants and Fund Matching

We provide seed and completion grants for public projects that deliver our core purpose, including fund matching guarantees to help get your project off the ground.

Project Support

We provide direct support to local project designers and implementers, including experience across business, local government and charitable sectors.

Volunteer Matching

If you need volunteer help to deliver your project we can help match you with local volunteers and other groups.

Education and Growth

Part of our core purpose is educating people on the best way to deliver projects.  We can work with you to help you access training and support.

Featured projects

Photo of some seed pellets alongside a bag labelled 'Wildflower Meadow'

Planting for Wildlife 2022

Inspiring our youth to plant for wildlife

It is not just our urban environments that are reducing the vital habitat for wildlife; our countryside habitats are also reducing at an alarming rate.  During Spring 2022 One Mid Devon is working with partners in the Tiverton area to provide a school and youth group outreach with the aim of discussing, inspiring and enabling children to learn how to plant to support wildlife.

Funds allocated: £5,000

Photo of some seed pellets alongside a bag labelled 'Wildflower Meadow'

Building a Sustainable Future 2022

Exploring Sustainability

A competition with cash prizes for winning schools/groups.  The topic is “Building a sustainable future”.  Children in each age group would be asked to design, on paper, artwork that could be reproduced on a whole recycled whiskey barrel.  One Mid Devon would provide one barrel for each design awarded one of the prize categories.

Funds allocated: £5,200

Double Your Generosity

One Mid Devon Foundation will match every £1 donated to projects in 2021!

* up to a maximum matched funding of £500 per donor

Our core purpose

One Mid Devon Foundation helps to deliver public benefit projects across the Mid Devon area by providing expertise, funding and volunteers.  We work with motivated people, other charities, and organisations to make targeted and effective differences in our communities.


Once it has gone it is hard to restore. Protecting and enhancing the living environment for our future


Change starts with learning. Supporting projects to both directly educate and provide access to education


Changing behaviour to protect our climate from lasting damage


Encouraging safe places for wildlife and native plants to thrive


Bringing people and spaces together for healthier, happier lives

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One Mid Devon Foundation will match every £1 donated to projects in 2021!

* up to a maximum matched funding of £500 per donor

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